Mariners Claim Scott Cousins
Written by Brendan Gawlowski on November 07, 2012 @ 01:54AM      Jump To Comments

Getty Images The Mariners have claimed outfielder Scott Cousins from the Toronto Blue Jays and have placed him on their forty man roster. The twenty-seven year old is a left handed hitter with a 34 wRC+ in 188 career plate appearances. He gained a bit of notoriety for crashing into Buster Posey early in 2011, a collision that resulted in a broken leg for the Giants backstop, and a lot of hell raised around the internet in the name of protecting the catcher.

Cousins will likely serve as depth for the Mariners. Very little in his major or minor league track record suggests that he's capable of handling a full time job and he'll likely patrol center field for the Rainiers next season. He does have an option remaining on his contract, meaning that the M's can activate and deactivate him from the major league roster in the same season without the risk of losing him to another team. It's an advantage he has over guys like Trayvon Robinson and Mike Carp. And by advantage I mean that, in the scenario in which an outfielder hurts himself for more than five but less than twenty days, Cousins is a better bet than Robinson to collect a get-away day start and sit on the bench for two weeks while said starter recuperates. So we have that now.