Pro Ball NW Podcast, Episode 9 - Baseball Hooligans
Written by Jon Shields on January 26, 2013 @ 07:31PM      Jump To Comments

Seattle Mariners Podcast
Jon Shields and Brendan Gawlowski discuss how a cup series running alongside the regular season would play in baseball, soccer fans versus baseball fans, gut feelings about how much impact Safeco Field's new dimensions will have, players who are auditioning the new dimensions for future free agents, free agent Michael Bourn and how he fits with the Mariners, Bourn versus Figgins, a scenario in which the Mariners sign Kyle Lohse, the Mariners catching situation, the strange relationship between managers and general managers, Justin Smoak's remaining potential and how he fits onto the 2013 roster, the Mariner's standards for retiring numbers, Alex Rodriguez's Mariner legacy, Edgar Martinez's Hall of Fame chances, and Jay Buhner's number 19.

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Theme song: Abacus Kids by Rags & Ribbons, used with permission. Download their music for free at their BandCamp site.

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