Pro Ball NW Podcast, Episode 2 - Meet the A's
Written by Jon Shields on March 25, 2012 @ 04:04PM      Jump To Comments

In which Beaneball's Jason Wojciechowski joins me to discuss the Athletics-Mariners season-opening matchup in Tokyo and an Oakland squad littered with new faces. Also discussed: the balancing act that is trying to enjoy a Felix Hernandez performance while he carves up your non-Mariners rooting interest, whether or not fans and bloggers expect too much of the return for low level trade chips, C.J. Nitkowski, the Rangers' stranglehold on the American League West, and the A's' stadium situation.

Errors/omissions: the Athletics-Red Sox Japan Opening Series was in 2008, Dallas Braden was on the roster but didn't pitch in the series, the Yomiuri Giants were once known as the Tokyo Giants, MLB Depth Charts is owned by Jason Martinez and managed by a large team, Manny Ramirez once cut off a throw by Johnny Damon, who somehow has an even weaker arm than Coco Crisp.

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Music: Prelude by Rags & Ribbons. Check out their debut album The Glass Masses here.