BREAKING: Ichiro to the Yankees
Written by Brendan Gawlowski on July 23, 2012 @ 03:27PM      Jump To Comments

Getty Images Word all over the internet is that Ichiro Suzuki is the newest member of the New York Yankees. As is Mariner custom, the trade happened fast and without warning.

Coming to the Mariners from New York will be pitchers Danny Farquahar and D.J. Mitchell. Neither prospect is a bluechipper, but Mitchell did crack Kevin Goldstein's top 20 Yankee prospects this past off-season.

There will be a lot more time for reflection about Ichiro and information about prospects. For now, I must say I am incredibly sad to see Ichiro go. I know he's probably done as a regular on talent, but Ichiro was the star I grew up with, and I was personally hoping for a couple months to say good bye at the end of the year.

Oh, and the Yankees are in town tonight. If Ichiro doesn't get the biggest standing ovation a Yankee has ever had, shame on you Seattle.