Safeco Field and Michael Morse's Power
Written by Jon Shields on January 17, 2013 @ 08:25PM      Jump To Comments

Getty Images Right-handed hitters will appreciate the fences coming in a few feet at Safeco Field, though the difference it will make is up for debate. Personally, I'm not expecting a noticeable difference and think the park will continue to frustrate most righty sluggers.

But only time will tell. One player who probably isn't worried about it is new addition Michael Morse.

Right-handed power hitters have succeeded at Safeco Field in the past. Richie Sexson was a freak capable of conquering the vast dimensions before his age caught up to him. Bret Boone and Edgar Martinez were masters at going deep to the opposite field. Alex Rodriguez was a bit of both.

Morse may not be in the same class as those players but he does share a few attributes. He's got some Sexson in him given his size and ability to hit the ball 450 feet, but more importantly he does a lot of his damage to the opposite field.




From Hit Tracker Online

Upon developing a power game, Morse's distribution would have been well suited to Safeco in general, but the trend that has seen more and more balls pushed towards the right field line makes Morse look like he was destined to hit at Safeco Field.

It doesn't change anything about yesterday's trade, but it's ... neat. This park is a nice fit for Morse's offensive game.

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