Pro Ball NW Podcast, Episode 5 - The Next Inefficiency is Training
Written by Jon Shields on April 15, 2012 @ 07:44PM      Jump To Comments

An expert in pitcher training, injuries and mechanics, Kyle Boddy of Driveline Baseball joins the podcast to discuss Michael Pineda's rough spring with the Yankees, his shoulder injury and how to properly develop a changeup; Mariner ace Felix Hernandez's down velocity and whether it's anything to worry about; MLB teams' growing acceptance of pitchers choosing their own training programs; Mariner reliever Steve Delabar's story; Dr. Marcus Elliot's effect on the Mariners; the Tigers' Doug Fister and untapped fastball velocity (with the Nationals' Stephen Strasburg and Diamondbacks' Trevor Bauer as examples); Stanford ace Mark Appel, pitch counts, and whether he'd be a good pickup for the Mariners at No. 3 this June; and at what point it is appropriate to teach a child how to throw a curveball.

Oops: I somehow say Doug Fister is in his early-20s rather than late-20s, Kyle says "College World Series" when clearly referring to Little League's championship. Let us know if we botched anything else up!

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